MAnagement, Technical Advisoring & EngineeRIng
for Renewables and Energy Efficiency Industries

About us

MATARI stems from the 20-year expertise of its founding members in the field of Renewables and Energy Efficiency. The Company operates throughout the Country, with partners in Rome and Milan, availing itself of a long established network of various professional practices, research bodies and universities specialised in the renewables and energy efficiency sectors.

MATARI provides support by developing and integrating skills that are already available within the assisted company, in view of:
  • Evaluating new market and partnership opportunities;
  • Accessing economic-financial resources;
  • Providing both tecnichnical-administrative and legal-regulatory advice;
  • Enhancing efficiency in energy production and consumption.
Thanks to its specific knowledge and consolidated experience in the Renewables and Energy Efficiency sectors, MATARI offers its professional services to enhance its Customers’ business development plans also by providing them ways to access financial support, whenever requested. Energy producers and entrepreneurs, institutional investors (such as investment funds and banks), and EPC contractors are among its customers.
By availing itself of its own professionals’ multidisciplinary know-how and being credited to all Bodies and Institutions MATARI sets out to become its Customers’ ‘one stop shop’ of trust as far as access and management of incentives, construction and management of even complex energy production systems.

MATARI leads its Customers’ choices both during the decision-making and the implementation phase, scouting and evaluating projects and plants in operation, in the primary and secondary markets, in the green and brown field, by providing its professional expertise as well as its managerial, engineering and regulatory know-how, with a view to:

  • Listen and Understand Customers' objectives and needs;
  • Evaluate technical-legal-economic risks and chances of investment opportunities and relevant chance of success;
  • Guide Customers in their choice of the most adeguate financial sources, incentives and grants;
  • Identify the most appropriate paths to be undertaken in order to pursue the chosen initiatiatives;
  • Work with Customers to implement the relevant processes and mechanisms, monitoring progress;
  • Continuous Support to Customers until final achievement of the expected result.


The Development Area offers highly qualified competences in management consulting and industrial development, for the implementation of incremental and organic grow paths, in the primary and secondary markets (green field, brown field). Our Services:

  • Scouting of projects under development, ready to build projects or asset already in commercial operation
  • Search of potential industrial partners and/or financial investors
  • Due Diligence Services (on technical-administrative, engineering, incentive scheme and regulatory topics)
  • Assistance during analysis of permitting processes and ‘Clearance’ of potential risks towards those public entities responsible for projects’ and plants’ authorizations
  • Adivisoring during negotiation
  • Advice in the identification of the best suitable management model
  • Legal and fiscal services
The Technical Advisoring Area has its foundation in MATARI’s partners robust technical, legal and regulatory competences and solid reputation towards the institution to provide the following Services:
  • Due Diligence and Consultancy on ready to build projects for the access to incentive measures until final obtainment and relevant management (from assignment to actual payment);
  • Independent Evaluation of potential risks on plants in operation where the incentives process filed or already in place shows technical – regulatory risks;
  • Analysis of permitting processes and ‘Clearance’ towards those public entitties implementing all necessary steps needed to keep the right to incentives.
All above through;

  • Collection and analysis of the legal-technical documentation filed to the authorities for the access to incentives;
  • Analysis of project design and technical documentation filed to relevant public Entities and Bodies;
  • Identification of potential issues / related risks and proposal of solution;
  • Technical and managerial assistance in all relationships with the GSE, Customs, Grid Operator;
  • Technical assistance on-line for clarification on legal-regulatory topics;
  • Legal and fiscal services.
Asset Management Area implements the technical and operational controls of plants in operation, through the monitoring of its performance and the execution of those administrative tasks connected to energy production from renewable sources and efficiency measures.

In particular our Services are:

  • Performance of plants’ most important operational parameters;
  • Check and certification of plant ouput parameters versus contractually guaranteed values;
  • Check on the field of costs, performances, conformity to contracts and effectiveness of O&M activities
  • Assistance in managing relationship with GSE, Customs and Grid Operator
  • Assistance in the operational, administrative and accounting management of the investment
  • Technical assistance on-line for clarification on legal-regulatory topics
  • Legal and fiscal services
The Energy Efficiency Area aims at playing a key role in our Customers’ sustainable energy planning:

  • Ensuring a rational use / saving of energy of their infrastructures and plants, through the professional services of our ‘EGE’, and Energy Management Services in the industrial, residential and commercial areas;
  • Constantly veryfing, through Energetic Audit, the energy performances of plants;
  • Evalutating and implementing investments devoted to energy savings and efficiency, also through access to incentives and grants.
Our Services are

  • Advisoring on gas and power supply contracts
  • Energy Diagnosis, Energy Management services
  • Energy Audit
  • Analysis of third party financing contracts (FTT)
  • Feasibility Study for tri-cogeneration
  • Design of high lighting - energy efficiency lighting solutions
  • Filing of requests for the obtainment of ‘Titoli di Efficienza Energetica’ (TEE) or for the access to ‘Conto Termico’ (CT)
  • Technical assistance on-line for clarification on legal-regulatory topics
To financial institutions and investment funds, we also offer:

  • Technical-Administrative Due Diligence;
  • Independent analysis and monitoring of energy consumption;
  • Certification of actual energy savings achieved;
  • Legal and fiscal services.
The Engineering Area offers project designs and engineering services in the various field of hydraulic, electrical and metering engineering, in the conventional and renewables sectors, also through MATARI’s partners/credited engineers, such as:

  • Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design
  • Definitive / Front-end Engineering Design
  • Executive / Detailed Engineering


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